We believe in respect and diversity through which we build excellent relationships. People are driving the company ahead and creating a better future for everyone. We appreciate inspiring and innovative individuals, people who try to think out of the box and find new solutions. We are hardworking by nature and passionate about our work.

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We have achieved all major goals by putting the company values first:

  • Team spirit with highest motivation
  • Fully dedicated and passionate work with excellent results
  • Valuable service and care for our customers
  • Desire to improve and exceed expectations
  • Respect for our partners and suppliers
  • Cultivating a positive attitude towards the natural, business and local environment


    In total, there are now over 300 employees in Medis, more than 200 of them hold academic qualifications – primarily in the natural and life sciences such as pharmacy, chemistry and biology, but also economics, psychology, IT and social studies. The majority of employees are involved in sales and marketing.

    We consider ourselves honoured to work in a multicultural environment where everyone is welcomed to fit in and encouraged to stand out when necessary. We are proud that our management team is diversified by age, gender and nationality. We promote tolerance and learn from differences. 

    We firmly believe that Medis will continue its strong and healthy growth based on our excellent foundations: our talented and resourceful management and staff, our dogged determination to succeed, our diligent well-equipped and well-informed teams, and our compassion. 

    Every employee has a well-defined job description and responsibilities based on a thorough mapping of needs and an effective organizational structure. We also place great emphasis on our leadership and human resources strategy.

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    With its employee care, openness of mind and heart, and unusual good energy, Medis represents an environment in which each one can contribute to common goal. I could not have wished for a better start in the labor market.

    Nika Čermak

    Human Resources Specialist

    People Development

    We really do care… care about our colleagues, care about how we feel and care about providing a work environment that constantly encourages and rewards positivity and innovation. It is a simple statement, but it requires genuine commitment and more than a little effort.

    Annual employee surveys and often open discussions with managers confirm we are getting it right, which inspires us to work even harder. In the last 10 years the overall score from an internal job satisfaction survey moved between 5.4-6.1 out of 7. Among the areas that rated highest were the nature of their work, interpersonal relationships, and the attitude of the line managers.

    Beside yearly interviews with their immediate superior, every employee also has an interview with the Human Resources Department, where they talk about various topics which the employee wishes to emphasize. This is how we encourage open and transparent communication.

    Being aware that employees are critical, we are committed to keeping Medis a great place to work – even when not working. This is achieved through a variety of corporate and social events.

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