Our advanced OTC products with unique selling points are competitive on the global market and meet the needs of our patients.

We seek close, long-term partnership with established companies outside of the core Medis territories, aligning our unique products with our partners’ excellent marketing and sales expertise to deliver mutual success.

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Our portfolio



Rowiren® Cream is the only herbal medicine with a maximum of 10% of rosemary essential oil providing most efficient and safe way of topical pain relief.
Due to the unique mode of action – analgesic action and increased peripheral circulation – Rowiren® Cream effectively and quickly relieves pain in muscles and joints and promotes healing process without burdening the body. Rowiren® Cream has already been registered in 21 European countries and is immediately available for commercialization, followed by availability in new territories.

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women's health/menstrual spasms

Ladiva® is the 1st and only herbal medicine for relief of minor spasms associated with menstrual periods.
Women benefit of optimized efficacy through a maximum amount of API at no known undesirable effects. It represents a new, effective solution, and thus improving the quality of life during menstrual period in a natural way. Ladiva® is immediately available for commercialization in 13 European countries, followed by availability in new territories.

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Calmia® is an innovative medical device cream with the strongest ingredient combination available.
It is used for skin changes such as acne-like rash and hand-foot syndrome that occur in oncology treatment with inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptors and chemotherapeutics. The timely use of Calmia® provides elimination and prevention of skin changes and therefore allows patients to continue with oncology treatment without interference. Calmia® is immediately available for commercialization worldwide.

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