We offer complete marketing support services for pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and medical products. Our goal is to achieve the highest penetration and market share in our target markets.

Medis answers the challenge of reduced access to doctors by increasing the effectiveness of our sales force strategies. With better-orchestrated HCP interactions both face-to-face and via digital channels, we are constantly improving our promotional ROI while expanding customer reach.

The recent implementation of multi-channel medical marketing is enabling us to increase customer engagement. This facilitates the successful commercialisation of product portfolios. We develop and implement result-driven sales and marketing programs that successfully:

  • Launch new pharmaceutical brands
  • Boost sales of existing products
  • Leverage first-to-market advantage through a wide regulatory network

Market Access

There are many obstacles to accessing markets in the CEE region: the significant price of high-value medicines and low GDP per capita, among them. Medis knows how to operate successfully in these markets. Our market access team has obtained over 100 successful reimbursement outcomes for high-value specialty and orphan medicines in the region.

Our success lies in our expertise and ability to work with sales, marketing and medical departments. We discover unmet market needs, then deliver the best products to address them profitably.

We take a systematic, step-by-step approach to achieve positive reimbursement outcomes:

  • Build a comprehensive local access strategy
  • Effectively communicate compelling value to stakeholders
  • Adapt the global value dossier to country specific submission documents
  • Negotiate better pricing and reimbursement conditions
  • Secure accelerated approval and maintain effective pricing and reimbursement solutions

Medical Affairs

Our Medical Affairs Team has extensive product and disease knowledge. The Team provides scientific and clinical support for the commercial success of products in our portfolio.

Medis listens to, interprets, and addresses the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and organisations in the CEE region.

We communicate scientific data through many channels, including publications, educational events, and exchange meetings, to ensure best possible patient outcomes.

Our value lies in our scientific expertise and strong relationships with doctors in different therapeutic fields including neurology, pain treatment, rheumatology, addiction and rare diseases.


We have extensive experience and strong insights into local legislations, which makes regulatory procedures significantly faster. Our work continuously supports efforts to improve public health.

We offer regulatory support with registration procedures and maintenance of approvals for medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements, and infant formulas.

Our central headquarters are in Slovenia and we have local regulatory and pharmacovigilance specialists in both EU countries (Austria, Baltics, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia) and non-EU countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia). This enables us to provide a personalized service for your medical marketing needs in each market.

Our team’s strengths are enhanced by close cooperation with Medis’ Quality, Compliance, Sales and Marketing departments. This enables us to provide an "all-in-one-service" for all products and optimal maintenance through their life cycles.

No matter how complex or simple the regulatory requirements are, we are confident in our ability to deliver results as a trusted partner.

Contact us directly:
T: + 386 1 589 69 62
E: regulatory.affairs(at)

Product Vigilance

Medis offers all the elements needed for compliant and effective product vigilance to guarantee patient safety. We ensure continuous compliance by effectively managing existing and future regulatory demands. Our reputation and track record has been established by numerous audits and inspections.

Our expertise and network allow us to monitor all products on the market, identifying and reacting to any new potential safety issue. Medis regulatory and PhV services help to grow and protect our customers’ brands, products, and every relevant stakeholder.

Inventory Management
& Logistics Services

Medis pays special attention to the quality and simplicity of logistic technologies and solutions. Our employees conduct inventory management and logistic processes to the highest standard on a daily basis.

We offer our partners a single delivery point, our logistics centre in Ljubljana, for goods and services for the whole region (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia).

Logistics Center

We assure appropriate warehousing in our new logistic centre that is providing a total capacity of 5600 pallets places on 5500 m2 meeting all the requirements and standards of the Good Distribution Practice and valid legislation. Operations are supported by the SAP Warehouse Management System.

Storage can be performed in various types of warehouses in accordance with their safety and temperature requirements: high-bay warehouse at the temperature range 15–25°C, cold chambers at the temperature range 2–8°C, and refrigerators at the temperature up to –20°C. 

Using our trusted network of logistic partners, we distribute temperature-controlled products, including cold-chain, to the countries across our region. 

Secondary packaging services

We offer secondary packaging of medicinal and other products according to customer needs:

  • GMP certification of secondary packed product batch
  • Organization and preparation of printed materials for medicinal products (labels and leaflets) in accordance with your requirements
  • Manual repacking and labelling according to local requirements
  • Managing of samples for clinical trials