We offer a complete marketing support solution to our partners in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as in the fields of diagnostics and medical products, with our goal to deliver the highest penetration and market share in our target markets.

We are responding to the challenges of reduced access to physicians by increasing the effectiveness of our sales force strategies. With better-orchestrated HCP interactions through both digital and personal channels we are constantly optimizing our promotional ROI while extending customer reach.

The recent implementation of best-in-class multi-channel closed loop marketing is enabling us to grow customer engagement to further deliver on our success in commercializing our partners’ portfolios.

We develop and implement result-driven sales and marketing programs that successfully:

  • launch new pharmaceutical brands or
  • boost sales of existing products
  • facilitate a first-to-market advantage through a wide regulatory network and know-how

Market Access

We face numerous barriers to access in the CSEE region: the costs of high-value medicines and the low GDP/capita in the majority of markets within the region, to name just a few. Medis is successfully navigating these obstacles. Our market access team is proud to have delivered over 100 successful reimbursement outcomes for high-value specialty and orphan medicines.

Our success lies in our expertise, enthusiasm and ability to work in tandem with the sales, marketing and medical departments to uncover and communicate unmet needs and product benefits to our access stakeholder and deliver commercial success.

We take a systematic, step-by-step approach to achieve positive reimbursement outcomes:

  • Build a comprehensive local access strategy
  • Effectively communicate compelling value to stakeholders
  • Adapt the global value dossier to country specific submission documents
  • Negotiate better pricing and reimbursement
  • Secure accelerate approval and maintain effective pricing and reimbursement solutions


Our Medical Affairs team has extensive product and disease knowledge and provides scientific and clinical support for the commercial products in our innovative specialty portfolio.

In our everyday work we listen to, interpret, and respond to the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and payers.

We communicate scientific data through many channels, including publications, educational events and exchange meetings to ensure best possible patient outcomes.

Our value lies in our scientific expertise and strong relationships with physicians in different therapeutic fields including neurology, pain, rheumatology, addiction and rare diseases.