Merz Spezial Cream Mousse Hyaluron – Winner of the Cosmo Beauty Award 2019 in Croatia

For two years in a row, Merz Spezial dragees have won the prestigious Cosmo Beauty Award winner of the readers' choice in Croatia, making them the first choice in the category of supplements for healthy hair, skin and nails. This year, however, a new product on the market, the Merz Spezial Cream Mousse Hyaluron, won the award in the category "Skin hydration".

Merz Spezial Cream Mousse Hyaluron was developed by scientists to improve skin hydration. It is composed of a unique combination of hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, marine glucosamine and seaweed extract. As the cream mousse formulation soaks in, it takes the active ingredients with it – helping them to penetrate deeply into the skin.

The Cosmo Beauty Awards 2019 contest ran from September 18 to November 22, 2019. There were 2 juries – expert jury and public jury, so in every category 2 products could win the prize. The award was assigned to Merz Hyalluron Cream Mousse by the expert jury.