Medis is proud to partner with Covis Pharma

Exciting news – Medis is proud to partner with Covis Pharma. Our exclusive promotion and distribution agreement for the commercialization of Alvesco® (ciclesonide) presents an important milestone for both companies and above all patients in need. This leading medicine is indicated for the treatment of persistent asthma and it helps to improve the quality of life for many patients.

Partnership arrangement includes the rights to market the product in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. Collaboration with Covis proves that our 30-year-long journey is all about providing the best therapeutic solutions in the region.

Martina Perharič, CEO Medis, added “We look forward to extending our reach to meet the needs of asthma patients and physicians along our markets and we are proud to be the partner of choice in CSEE.”

Steen Vangsgaard, General Manager Covis Pharma Europe & ROW, commented: “Medis has a long history of bringing quality treatments to patients and business excellence, and we are excited to partner with Medis for the commercialization and distribution of Alvesco® in CSEE.”