We are making faster and better informed decisions with implementation of MCLM

In Medis, we are aware that to achieve commercial excellence in today’s rapidly changing pharma industry, we need to create a fully coordinated, relevant HCP experience that connects all communication channels.

Medis' strong foundations

Our customer-centric culture provides a strong foundation for our business, allowing us to adapt quickly to the market. We have a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, supported by a dedicated sales force and management to ensure we are consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations.

We enhanced our business impact by incorporating new strengths while building on these strong foundations. We are responding to the challenges of reduced access to physicians by increasing the effectiveness of our sales force strategies. With better-orchestrated HCP interactions with both digital and personal channels we are constantly optimizing our promotional spend while extending customer reach.

The implementation of multi-channel closed loop marketing (MCLM)

The recent implementation of best-in-class multi-channel closed loop marketing (MCLM) is enabling us to grow customer engagement to further deliver on our success in commercializing our partners’ portfolios.

We are bringing together customer data, relevant compliant content and interactions across all channels to get even closer to the professional public to achieve their commitment and positive attitude towards our portfolio of medicines by meeting their needs in the best possible way.

We are making use of channels beyond the traditional field force, such as email, websites, webinars, interactive presentations, physician communities and video-detailing, among others to strengthen engagement with physicians by offering multiple options for interaction.

The new customer engagement model

Successfully commercializing our partners’ portfolios

With the implementation of MCLM we are able to build on our successes in commercializing our partners’ portfolios by:

  • Constantly updating targeting to maximise the efficiency of our sales teams.
  • Driving the right actions for greater impact: increasing the effectiveness of our teams in the field by engaging the right customers in the right channel.
  • Reducing compliance risk with SRs in the whole region being able to quickly access compliant and approved content.
  • Creating content that is more impactful by analysing HCP feedback and adapting content.
  • Increasing HCP satisfaction by offering an interaction solution that best suits their needs.
  • Increasing the satisfaction of our SRs as they can better manage their customers and time.

Real time feedback from the field helps us to gain an even greater understanding of the value of our marketing communiques, materials and activities and allows their immediate optimization. This makes for better and easier decision making for even greater cooperation with HCPs.

We are happy to announce that Veeva’s Commercial Cloud has already been successfully implemented in 4 markets – Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Hungary! By the end of this year, all Medis countries will be on-board.