2019 Artemis Award goes to Martina Perharič, the CEO of Medis

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia presented the 2019 Artemis Award to Martina Perharič, the CEO of Medis, for outstanding performance of women on the highest management function.

Martina Perharič on receiving Artemis Award

“After Apollo, Artemis goes to the Moon as well” was the big news from NASA’s scientists the last year. In the scope of the new space mission which by no coincidence got its name from Apollo’s twin sister, the first woman will walk the Moon in 2024. Does this prove that gender is no longer an obstacle when achieving goals and the limits of progress are only in our heads?

On our »planet«, in the Medis pharmaceutical company, we admire the progress of medicine and are grateful for many breakthrough therapeutical discoveries. Diseases befall old and young people, women and men, and they foremost do not know any borders. But this is also where the humanity drew borders regarding the accessibility of treatment. Every border is a new challenge.

While I was proudly receiving the Artemis Award, my colleague Nataša publicly asked a question at the meeting of the representatives of a German pharmaceutical company: “What is the difference between a German and a Slovenian patient, how do you explain why the medicine is not available in our country as well?” We received the answer this week, when they confirmed that we will be able to ensure this certain medicine to the Slovenian patients as well.

These are our paths to the Moon which bring us tremendous joy when we conquer them. Women, there are approximately 70% of us at Medis, are thus even prouder of every victory as we achieve them in a predominantly male business environment."

At Medis we are eager to create a better future for the patients and for our people. All 350 employees together are part of our success. Genuine, enthusiastic colleagues who are becoming great leaders – they are what I am most proud of.

"People frequently congratulate me for the position which supposedly measures whether a person is successful or not. But my main meter is the one which measures my feelings, so I can do what makes me happy, in a team where I admire future successors who will create future paths. But when the feelings are supplemented by the received Artemis Award, I realize even better that over the last 30 years, together with some failed attempts and accompanied by men and also women, I still left a few good marks in the excellent Medis company and also outside it, which is confirmed by the smiles on the faces of our customers and employees.

The Artemis Award gives me additional drive, but I wish I could give it also to other women who perhaps hesitate on their path towards the desired goal. Besides the commitment to hard work and courage, I recommend to all to along the way accept the knowledge from the experiences people, but also from the young. No matter the gender, our company will be only as successful as the extent to which we will be able to keep the uniqueness and authenticity of an individual, and build teams who want to learn and where everyone will be able to feel like a winner. Therefore, together with Apollo, Artemises will go to the Moon as well!"

About the Artemis Award

The Managers’ Association of Slovenia presents the Artemis Award to female individuals who broke the glass ceiling and took over the highest management function (the position of the director, the CEO or the president of the executive board) in an economic or non-economic company which has more than 50 employees. She needs to be on this function for at least 12 months, and the company which she leads must conduct business with profit. The presentation of this award is only one in the series of steps with which the Association has been trying for years for a more balanced representation of genders in the highest positions in the economy.