We help with a smile

Medis and our culture are built on healthy values, where courage, teamwork, mutual help, gratitude and joy towards work count. The Medis culture is a culture of heart and healthy values. Opportunities come to an open palm, but everything slips out of a fist.

This is why for already three decades, we gladly and in the best way we can, help expert organizations, patient societies, and non-governmental organizations in the fields of health, good well-being, art and ecology, hence maintaining our culture.

Employees at Medis started this year with a smile, and this is why we share it on. Not only as a company, but also as individuals.

Brightening someone’s day, bringing a smile to someone’s face, giving a hug or a handshake sounds self-evident, but with these gestures we do not only brighten someone else’s day, but we also give that person the reason to go on.

They say that the beat of a butterfly’s wings has its power and does not go unnoticed in the world. How powerful are then positive attitude, high spirits and help when we expect nothing in return.

The activities in which we participate are truly based on voluntarism and are taking place through the whole year.

Stories with a smile

For this year's jubilee, we set out a goal to visit a number of organizations and to help them as much as we can. Our activities this year are focused on elderly, patient associations, NGOs, people with disabilities and often overlooked individuals who need our help.

"Smile ambassadors" have also been found among outstanding individuals of honorable age. They all prove that laughter is the best medicine. They told us their stories and joined the celebration of Medis' 30 years.